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Raymond Chandler meets Philip K. Dick.

In the not-too-distant future...

The U.S. has become extremely conservative politically.   The religious right now dominates business and politics.    

The film opens on a mutilated, naked dead female.

The Audio Extraction Squad,  ARCHER DONLEY and LIZ DUCARNE, arrive at the crime scene.   Their job is to use PVRs, Particle Vibration Resonators, to pull sounds out of the walls and piece together a sonic picture of what transpired.

They discover that it's not a typical murder scene - the wall have been "wiped" of all sound. 

They buck the A.E.S., their superiors and the government to try and find answers… 

Who killed the woman?  If there is a cover-up,  who’s behind it?

And most importantly… Is extracting the truth from all the lies, worth the risk? 




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RONNIE STEWART has returned from the war in Afghanistan. 


Battling PTSD, she tries to fit back into small-town life. 


Alienated from the man she loves and her family, she struggles desperately to get her life back on track...


- - But one hasty decision ignites a chain reaction that shatters her life forever.


A young couple, out for a romantic weekend, checks into a Painted Lady – a charming Victorian B&B.

What they don’t realize is the house, Casa Vivente, is a living entity. 

The people who enter her bloody embrace are forced to confront their darkest secrets and most personal fears.


The PAINTED LADY isn’t haunted.   She’s scarier. 

She accepts you as you are, with all your faults, no judgment.

All you give up is eternity.

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